We create engaging and effective brands through an intimate knowledge of your audience.

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Branding plays a vital part in ensuring your business holds a unique position within your marketplace. Kozo help businesses like yours tell their story and build a strong brand that differentiates them from competition.

Building a powerful, effective brand goes beyond just having a nice logo. Great branding is about positioning your business in a way that forms a strong connection with your audience.

Brand Discovery

When beginning a branding project, the first thing we like to do is sit down with you, face-to-face if possible. We find it's the best way to get a feel of your personality, your customers and how you run your business. Armed with this knowledge, we can engineer the best way to engage with your audience while keeping your personality at the forefront of our work.


For established brands, it's vital to remain relevant and to constantly endeavour to evolve. Even so, considering rebranding an existing identity can be daunting. Kozo strive to make this process as easy as possible.

In a company that has been around a while, there can be many different people invested in, and affected by the company branding. We like to work alongside the key staff in your business to ensure complete transparency and no surprises down the line.

Branding projects

Logo Designs

Create an instantly recognisable logo for your brand

Visual Identity

Guide the styling of your entire brand, including colours, fonts and illustrations


Our designers create stunning custom illustrations

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