Printed Media.

When you really need to make a connection, you can't beat getting something tangible into your customers' hands.

We craft printed materials perfect for promoting your business.

The world may be going digital, but sometimes you just can't beat the feel of a glossy brochure.

When you want to get your brand noticed, printed materials may be the best way forward. Especially if they're designed and printed by Kozo.

Brochure Design

Perfect for explaining your proposition in further detail, a well-crafted brochure can inform your potential customers of what you do, how you're better than the competition, and effortlessly convey your personality.

Once our print team have an idea of what your brochure is aiming to do, we can begin crafting the images, layout and typography for maximum impact when it reaches your customers' hands.

Business Cards

Your business card could be the difference between landing that huge customer or missing out on a huge opportunity.

They may be small, but your business card is the key to making a great first impression. Done right, it can help your business stick in the minds of your customers, stand out from the crowd at exhibitions and earn you leads.

Colourful, formal, playful or professional, Kozo creates designs that reflect your personality and help you convert leads into business.

Got an idea to print?