Gardens by Chloë - A Kozo Creative Project

Gardens by Chloë / December 2019

Building a new brand from scratch for an Essex based garden consultancy

The guys at Kozo really helped me create a personal brand identity for my new company. Can't thank them enough!

Creating a personal brand image

Chloe, from Chelmsford, needed to create a warm, personal brand identity in order to stand out from the majority of the competition in her field.

She didn't want to be seen as just another landscaping service, but as a professional partner who would work alongside the customer to create the outcome they're looking for. And with a tight deadline, it was important that Kozo could deliver a stunning website in a short space of time.

How Kozo Creative helped

By creating a completely bespoke website design, we were able to bring out the personal touch in Chloe's website. Highlighting her many expert services, the website allows users to explore how the company can help them. The design, along with the logo and other promotional materials, focus on Chloë herself, highlighting the personal, friendly service she provides.

To complement her website, Kozo also designed a fresh logo that played on the meaning of 'Chloë', and business cards and flyers to help Chloe promote her new business.