Onvestor - A Kozo Creative Project

Onvestor / June 2019

Handcrafting a brand for a financial advice startup

Jack and Joe helped create a strong, cohesive brand for our company in a competitive field.

The Problem

The field of financial advice is faced with a growing issue: an aging group of advisers increasingly focused on providing advice for an aging population. Onvestor wanted to stand out from the rest by focusing on providing financial advice for a younger generation - those that need help planning for their futures.

The Solution

In order to stand out from every other financial adviser, it was clear that Onvestor needed a completely new identity - one that would be obviously different from the branding of a traditional agency.

Custom illustrations

To help financial advice appeal to a wider audience, we implemented a custom illustration style throughout the brand's digital and print media. These illustrations helped bring a personality to the brand that is rare to see in this sector. It also allowed the brand to target various materials at different audiences.

Online Presence

Reaching a wider customer base was something important to Onvestor. We achieved this by completely revamping their online presence with two new websites and a social media strategy.

These websites vastly out-performed their predecessors in terms of reach and engagement.

To further bolster the new visual identities, we also created and printed multiple brochures, flyers and exhibition materials to help promote the brand's new look.